Congratulations to our graduates!

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On February 3, the Departments of Biology and Pharmacy again celebrated the graduation of their students. Also some of our Integrated Life Sciences graduates from 2023  joined this event. With a festive musical accompaniment, the graduates were honored by the Dean of Studies Prof. Lars Nitschke with a certificate and the titles of their Master’s theses were read out.

An additional highlight was the awarding of the Master’s prizes for the best graduates of 2023. In the Integrated Life Sciences  degree program, Master’s prizes were awarded to Franziska Spiegel (left, with spokesperson of the Department of Biology, Prof. Yves Muller), and to Samantha Panea (right).

Franziska’s thesis was on the ´Role of Lipid Nanodomains for Inhibitory FcRIIbFunction` (Computational Biology Lab of Prof. Rainer Böckmann and Prof. Anja Lux, Gemetics), Samantha investigated the ´Establishment of an osteoclast system to study nuclear envelope microtubule organizing center formation and function` (Prof. Fabry, Biophysics,  and Prof. Engel, Universitätsklinikum Erlangen).